Rearing broiler Chicken

Rearing Broiler Chicken Broiler chicken is one of the most profitable business any one can do. The problem about broiler chicken is that many don’t know how to raised or rear them. Well, there is nothing to worry about as Nagro would be explaining in details how to rear broiler chicken. To go into rearing … Read more

Chicken diseases

Chicken diseases or poultry disease are numerous and this book cannot contain them all but we are going to talk about most chicken diseases, treatment and symptoms. ) ) Chickens disease vary from one place to another but we have some that are very common from places to places. Chicken disease are group, which are … Read more

Chicken heat and egg

Chicken heat and egg Heat is very good and very bad for birds and management of heat in chicken is very important aspect of chicken only few people knows about. Chicken heat, chicken needed heat during brooding, brooding is when you supply heat to chicken when they are still young till they grow feathers and … Read more

Egg yolk and Color

Egg yolk and color: Due to the price of feed ingredients, many farmers are forced to closed down, many don’t know what to do and others are giving out low quality feed for their chicken and these affect egg yolk color. egg yolk color Many buyers don’t want to buy eggs from farmers whose egg … Read more

Green poop in Chicken and Treatment

green poop in chickens and treatment Many farmers goes into farming because they said it is lucrative, many goes into it after a day, a week or a month seminar without having a full knowledge of it. Many others go into it after working as an attendant in a farm, they think they know it … Read more

Starting a Poultry Farm / Business

Starting a Poultry Farm / Busines.Poultry Farming is becoming more popular as a business and many want to go into it.  So, starting a poultry farm is now a question that needed an answer, how do I start a poultry farm or business. Well, the answer to that question is what we want to start … Read more

Watery white poop and bloody poop in chicken

Watery white poop and bloody poop in chicken Watery white poop or bloody poop or feces in poultry / Chicken are one of the most common aspect of poultry disease, and it’s management is also of economic importance to poultry / chicken. This article is for learners who are new Into poultry / chicken, we … Read more

Differences between Noiler and Broiler

Differences between Noiler and Broiler This article is for farmers and intending farmers who are afraid of going into farming or find it hard to make a decision as per which birds to rear, broiler or noiler? The differences between broiler and Noiler is highlighted below. Noiler is a dual purpose breed of chicken, Noiler … Read more

Preservation of Chicken / Poultry Egg

Preservation of Chicken / Poultry Egg, preservation of egg, how to preserve egg, factors that affects egg quality, egg quality, egg white, Chicken egg, egg. Preservation of Eggs is a problem to poultry farmers in Nigeria and across the globe. Have tried to read as many articles on the internet so as to do justice … Read more