Profitability of Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Profitability of Poultry Farm in Nigeria 

Sorry for not updating this blog for some time now,  it’s not because I don’t know or have what to say,  just that I manage many blogs and it’s giving Me hard time, I spend more such that I have to move this site here despite the fact that have not even used it for a month and have paid. 
Is poultry still profitable? 
Yes,  it is still profitable. 
Despite the fact that the cost of production is on the high side. 
Seeing poultry as a business’s would make it survive hard times. 
Civil servant would beg and go on strike for an increase in wages, so also farmers should find a point where the cost price would not be too high than the selling price. 
So,  poultry business is very profitable. 
How would you make profit? 
Make your own feed..  In this blog,  we have talked and talked on it. 
But you can what’s app me on +2347031178647 to do a formula for you based on what you want, but it’s at a fee of N5,000 . 
You can use the formula for years to come. You can inbox too for consultations. The same fee apply. 
That been said about feed,  always do the math of all Input,so you can know what price should you sell. 
E. G I buy 50 day old chicks for N500 each, that’s N25000
I would write it down,  the amount of money I take to feed them weekly. 
It should be written down. 
At the end of 8 weeks,  
I divide the total cost by the total number of chicken
If I spend 75500 on the chicken from day old,  and am having 40 chicken left for me to sell(others dies due to one reason or other) , then 75500/40 = 1,887.5
This means that the cost of producing a chicken to maturity is 1,887.5
Looking at things,  and how costly things are. 
I can now said that I want to sell it at the rate of N6,000 per one. 
Many people would still want to negotiate,  at worst it would be sold for 4,000
Tell me,  didn’t I make profit? 
The reason you are not making profit is because you lack proper farm recording. 

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