Poultry Biosecurity and Hygiene

Poultry Biosecurity and Hygiene  Thanks for always visiting and reading all what we post,  thanks for sharing.  Biosecurity is a way of preventing spread of disease in your farm. While hygiene refers to how neat and clean your poultry house and environment is.  We know that poultry is not for lazy people but we ended … Read more

Pen (Poultry House) preparation before arrival of Chicks

Pen (Poultry House) preparation before arrival of Chicks After you must have clean the poultry house using this link https://www.nagro.com.ng/2021/12/preparation-and-cleaning-of-poultry.html Here Then we are ready to receive or purchase a new day old chick. Don’t forget that for your safety,  please use the above link and save yourself the death of your chicks.  Let’s assume you … Read more

Preparation and cleaning of a Poultry House

Preparation and cleaning  of a Poultry House We are still going to write on bio security and hygiene to be put or used in a poultry house but first let’s talk about preparation of a poultry house, some of us have already reared chicken in a pen or poultry house before,  and we want to … Read more

Catfish hanging in water

Introduction to Catfish

Catfish hanging in water Wow Another great topic to discuss with farmers,  I know you are eager to know what we would write about. Catfish hanging in water is a problem for some people and it’s not a problem for some people. Hanging of catfish in water might be a new thing, especially for new … Read more

Cannibalism in chicken

Cannibalism in chicken Well some people are looking for the right answer to this question while others don’t understand the question.  Let me give you the concept and simple explanation without a particular definition.  Cannibalism is when a chicken is been attack by another chicken or a group of chicken.  This can happen due to … Read more

Broiler Vs layer chicken

Broiler Vs layer chicken  Many people are stuck in the difference between a broiler chicken and a layer chicken.  That’s because many want to go in to chicken farming business and they have little or not idea about the industry.  While others may be confuse about it and they needed an elaborate answer.  Well,  we … Read more

The Perfect Chicken grill

The Perfect Chicken grill I know you must have been thinking of how you would make a grill with your chicken.  Many people want to enjoy their chicken by looking for other options they can get.  Chicken is not all about boiling or cooking or adding it to soup and stew.   There is more to … Read more

Snake Trap for Chicken Farm

Snake Trap for Chicken Farm Well,  we are still going to talk on snake trap for fish farm but today our main focus is on chicken farm.  How do you catch snake or handle snake that threatens the life of your chicken and risk your business.  It’s quiet simple.  Whether you like it or not … Read more