Catfish hanging in water

Introduction to Catfish

Catfish hanging in water

Wow Another great topic to discuss with farmers,  I know you are eager to know what we would write about.

Catfish hanging in water is a problem for some people and it’s not a problem for some people. Hanging of catfish in water might be a new thing, especially for new catfish farmers.

Yes,  do not worry because we would talk about possible reasons why your catfish are hanging in the water.

When your catfish is hanging in the water,  it doesn’t mean that your catfish is sick or dead.


Reasons for catfish hanging in water are 

Poor water: When you don’t change your pond water regularly, it becomes toxic for catfish to breathe,  so they will come up and break,  thereby staying hanging on top of the water and breathing.

You know,  catfish eat in the water and excrete waste in the water,  so it is a must to change the water regularly to avoid catfish hanging

Dead: Once your Catfish is dead,  it would hang in the water. Dead catfish don’t stay in the bottom of the pond but rather hang in the water.

Resting after a good meal: If you are a good observer of catfish,  you would notice that anytime they finish eating,  they would hang either at the top of the water or hang on between the water or stay still at the bottom of the water.  This happens after a good meal and there is no cause for alarm.

These are the major reasons for catfish hanging but we would update you if there are other reasons that might have crossed my mind at the time of writing this article

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