Drug to Deworm Chicken

Drug to Deworm Chicken This would not be a long post and it would be precise . Am not a veterunary Doctor to prescribe drug, so this drug is based on best recommendations from farmers and users .. Usage is at your own risk and risk alone. There are many drugs in the market but … Read more

Organic Farming vs Non Organic Farming

Organic Farming vs Non Organic Farming Forget it, this is a very sensitive post as some new farmers are finding themselves in between these and they needed a breakthrough. Organic Farming is when you use leaves and trees in your environment to solve diseases or ailment. While  Non organic Farming is when you buy ready … Read more

Why organic farming is the best

Why organic farming is the best_ _Organic farming is natural not with chemical. _organic farming always base on prevention . _If you are doing organic farming your fishes, birds and animals will be free from disease and have good immune system. _Organic farming will reduce your cost of buying drug and reduce mortality. _for example … Read more

Pellet feed vs Mash Feed

Pellet feed vs Mash Feed For those who dont know why we have pellet feed and mash feed, this article is for you. Wwnt to know which one is better between mash and pellet feed? You need to read this We need this for enlightenment and we also need this to change our view. Pellet … Read more

Grower mash feed

Grower mash feed formulation_16% crude protein_ Maize_45kg Soya bean meal 15kg Wheat offal 38kg  Bonemeal 2kg Limestone 1.5kg Methionine 100gram Lysine 100gram Toxin binder  200gram Salt 200gram Premix 200gram Cayenne pepper 120gram Total 100kg


TEMPERATURE REGULATION DURING BROODING Do you realise that when you release chicks into the brooder they make a lot of noise showing discomfort? They are trying to sing that song mostly when the temperatures are very low! In the early life of chicks, their  bodies are unable to contribute on temperature regulation so they are … Read more

Selecting and using a boar for service in Pig

Selecting and using a boar for service in Pig

Selecting and using a boar for service in Pig Boar is a mature male pig. Boars are selected after performance testing. This is to ensure efficient pigs which will pass on their efficiency to their offspring. ┬áThe efficiency we needs are below Faster growth rate than others Get less backfat Utilization of food better than … Read more


HOW TO MAKE MORE PROFIT IN POULTRY FARMING BUSINESS. Poultry farming business is lucrative and profitable  ,you cannot just go and start the business without putting some things into consideration. After you have spend alot of money to raised birds the next things to look at how to sell and make your profits. If you … Read more