On a general note poultry does not pass out hard faeces like rabbits and other animals. But then at some point the critical semi-solid greyish faeces may change completely. Watery stool may become the case. When the birds poo leave it’s normal to somewhat watery and this may be in some sort of colors to indicate other ailments. But when no visible brown, green or white color is shown then the watery stool could result from:
1) feeding excess protein to the birds: in my other teachings I showed you how protein could be a problem when in excess. 
When protein is beyond the body allowance, deamination will cause the birds to consume more water than the body volume. Hence they will pass out watery stool continually.
2) Pellet/crumble feeds,hard feed: 
When the poultry feed come in these forms expect watery stool. The birds will take more water to balance the solids in their system.
3) Molasses:
When you administer molasses to birds above 4-5% of their requirement, osmotic pressure will be exerted leading to watery stool.
4) Weather balance:
If the temperature exceeds 41°C, heat stress will set in leading to dehydration. Dehydration in turn forces the birds to consume much water.
6) Salty feed: NaCl or table salt when excess in the feed causes metabolic unrest and increase in water intake. Thus, watery stool.
7) Disease:
Bacteria and or viral disease attack birds and give them a symptom of watery stool. But in this case, the color of the stool may play a role in indicating the nature of the disease.
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