Poultry farming business is lucrative and profitable  ,you cannot just go and start the business without putting some things into consideration.
After you have spend alot of money to raised birds the next things to look at how to sell and make your profits.
If you are into broiler, noiler, Turkey and Guinea fowl farming please try doing brood and sell at 3_4 or 5 weeks to people.
I start my farm with poultry brood and sell to people and Market woman through their I get more connection and since my product is quality people keep patronise me ,this is how candles keep lighting each others Without getting off.
Markets research is something you need to works on ,don’t just sit down at home and imaging your profits.
To make more profits in poultry farming business especially broilers, Turkey,Guinea fowl ,noiler and etc,if you can brood day old chicks and sell at 3_4 or 5 weeks to people it make more profit than selling it out when they are bigs.
When you collect day old birds and if you see people that will buy at 3_4  or latest 5 weeks most especially Turkey please sell some to them and use some of the money to feed the rest birds.
If you can buy local and foreign day old Turkey and you brood them and sell at 6 weeks out to people demand for that than taking rearing Turkey to adults,most people who have passion in farming and they don’t have enough resources or capital they like buying  5_6 weeks Turkey and they will reared them at home .
Noiler birds is another profitable poultry farming business that you can buy and brood them and sell at 4_5 weeks to peoples ,people demand for noiler than broilers because they are very strong and they can eat whatever you give them to eat when they get to 8 weeks above.
If you can brood day old broiler and sell at 3_4 weeks is very profitable than selling when they bigs
Most farmers runs at loss in broilers farming when  they keep they long like 8 weeks above without se

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