micro ingredients used in formulating poultry feed

Welcome to another class, today we will discuss the popular micro ingredients used in formulating poultry feed. 
Micro ingredients are those ingredients needed in small amounts in feed making. They maybe needed in small amounts but they are very vital in feed formulation. 
They are also used in fixed quantities.  
Micro ingredients include
Vitamin premix
Toxin binder 
Feeds grade additives like antibiotics, coccidiostats etc.
Methionine and lysine are amino acids they are building blocks of protein.
Toxin binder helps reduce the toxicity of the feed
Vitamin premix contains different vitamins needed by the animal body.
Salt helps prevent cannibalism and some other health issues.
Enzymes speed up the rate of feed digestion.
Limestone contains 38% calcium and you know calcium helps in bone formation.

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