Nutrient Analysis of Maggot

Maggot production

Nutrient Analysis of Maggot 

Many people are new to maggot production and they want to know what it entails,  what are the mineral composition of maggot,  what nutrient is inside.

Well below is the answer.

Chemical Composition of maggots

Dry Matter      24,7%

Crude protein  47,5-50,1%

Lipid               19,3%

Cellulose          23,2%

Minerals          9,1%

Ca                   1,5%

P                     1,2%

Mg                  0,3%

K                    1,3%

Na                  4528 ppm

Mn                196,5 ppm

Fe                  425,7 ppm

Cu                 19,7   ppm

Zn                 235,8 ppm

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