👉 Plantain seed or 1 plantain
👉Dried pawpaw seed 20pcs
👉 Pawpaw leaf 
👉 Cayenne pepper 🌶️ 4nos
👉 Garlic 1 bulb
👉 Ginger 10 thumb
👉Chilli pepper 5nos
👉 Bitter leaf 10 nos
👉 Scent leaf 20 nos
👉 Aloe Vera 3nos
👉 Black pepper 10nos
👉 Molasses
Wash and blend all ingredients
Add 5 litres water to blended ingredient and leave to ferment overnight
Strain fermented juice and add molasses in the ratio 3:1 (dewormer : molasses) as ToNiC and preservative
Add 20ml to every 1 litre of drinking water for 3 to 5 days
Give ordinary drinking water to birds the day after deworming
Deworm 3 – 4times a year except an outbreak

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