Tobacco water, tobacco juice, tobacco dust juice, or tobacco lime is a traditional organic insecticide used in domestic gardening.
Tobacco juice can be gotten by soaking tobacco leaves in water for some days,  after which the water is extracted and use. 
The extracted water is the juice. 
Some people prefer cooking or boiling the tobacco leaves,  then allow it to cool down before using the water (which is also the juice). 
You can decide the harvest the tobacco leaves,  dry them inside the house. 
Spray the tobacco leaves somewhere in the house or room,  far away from sun. 
Allow the water content to be removed,  this takes days or weeks. 
After it is dried,  grind it with your grinder or blending machine to turn it into powder. 
Then the powder is ready for use. 
The juice can be giving oral like other insecticide drug like ivermectin,  it goes to the site of action and does the magic. 
But the question is that,  is tobacco legal in your country? 
In Nigeria here you dare not try planting tobacco or else you will be jailed. 
It’s up to you. 
 In The English Physician Enlarged of 1681, Nicholas Culpeper recommends tobacco juice to kill lice on children’s heads, referencing it as an insecticide poison.
In poultry it has been tested and used to control lice. This works almost effectively and permanently as ivermectin.
Try it today and thank us later.
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