Pellet feed vs Mash Feed

Pellet feed vs Mash Feed
For those who dont know why we have pellet feed and mash feed, this article is for you.
Wwnt to know which one is better between mash and pellet feed? You need to read this
We need this for enlightenment and we also need this to change our view.
Pellet feed is the type of feed that is extruded or let me use a lay mans words. Pellet is a type of feed that look like chalk, If you school in Nigeria in 1990 to 2020 you will understand how a chalk look like, it look like a round stick but very short like 4cm long. That is the best description i can give you.
Mash is Solid but not with a definite shape. Sometimes it will look like a dust. Its mashy hence the name mash.
Pellet feed are in sizes, the age of the animal will determine which size of the pellet feed it would eat. E.g we have 2mm feed, 3mm feed etc
While mash has no size , though the feed ingredient might be sliced smaller depending on needs
Mash are dusty and not suitable for a category of animals, e.g fish cant be fed mash because of its dusty nature , it would scatter on the water without the fish eating anything.
Pellet is almost suitable for all animals, what matters is the age of the animal and the size of the pellet to which you want to feed the animal
There is no animal that cant eat pellet
While mash is only suitable for poultry, and few animals.
Pellet feed eliminate feed ingredient selection by animals, what i mean is that, if you give your chicken feed for instance, they would first of all eat all the maize first before eating any other ingredient in the feed. Using a pellet feed, a crumb of pellet contains all the feed ingredients .
Mash feed allow feed ingredient selection by animals.
I wish i could write more ….
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