Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming

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Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming

This article would set you up and straight if you want to go into catfish business.

Before you go into the catfish business, there are some things that must be put in place, these things are what is needed for the catfish business. Without this requirement, the business might not go well.


Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming


Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming

Money: Before going into Catfish business, you must have enough money to run a season. What i mean by a season is that, you must have money to buy fish, you must have money to feed them from fingerlings to maturity till you sell them off. You must have money for drugs and other miscellaneous expenses.

Water : Catfish needed water, that means there must be enough water . It’s either you have a pond close to the river or a flowing stream nearby or you have unending well water or you have a borehole. Water is the natural habitat of catfish, and there are situations you need to change the water.

Knowledge: Don’t go to a business you knew nothing about. What information or idea do you have about catfish? Go to a nearby poly or college of agriculture that teaches catfish farming or learn from an experience existing farmer near you. Not some hungry maniac looking for money that flooded the internet space such as WhatsApp and Facebook who have never had any experience or have a farm before.

Good seed: This can make you lose all your investment, getting a bad seed would make you see the catfish farming business as a bad business and a waste of resources business. Don’t fall victim to bad fingerlings seller who is selling bad and rotten fingerlings. If you can get good fingerlings from a trusted hatchery or seller, you would really love this business more than your woman. That is why if you learn from the best, they would have shown you how to identify good seeds from bad seed

Pond: Do you have a pond to rear catfish? You need a pond before you can rear a catfish.

You need a tarpaulin pond or concrete pond or earthen pond.

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