Causes of high failure rate in poultry business

The causes of high failure rate in poultry business:   1) Lack of Technical knowledge: It is regrettable that many people and organizations have ventured into poultry farming without technical knowledge. Knowledge of poultry farming techniques are required before anyone can operate the business profitably. 2) Management Problem: An incompetent management may not be able … Read more

How to pick breed for semen extraction

How to pick breed for semen extraction: Matching genotype to phenotype: One should ensure that the desired crossbreed can survive or easily adapts to the prevailing environment and is productive. It is important to note that high-yielding animals can be reared but will require intensive management that comes with huge financial requirements to ensure the … Read more


HOW TO IDENTIFY HEAT STRESSED BIRDS The heat at this time is terrible. Several farmers will loose big and heavy Broilers above 4 weeks of age in the next few days The danger hours are usually between 5pm to 7pm. This is the time during which most of the heat stressed broilers die. HOW TO … Read more

Difference between Pullet and Layers

Difference between Pullet and Layers This is like asking,what is tge difference between a girl and a woman?  We all knew that a girl would grow up into a beautiful woman. Responsible or not as a woman, that would depends on the upbringing and other factors . A pullet is a young female Chicken which … Read more

Mastitis in cow

Mastitis in cow: Cause: Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue. It usually occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion of the teat canal by variety of bacterial sources present on the farm (commonly through bedding or contaminated teat dips), and can also occur as a result of chemical, mechanical, … Read more

Uses of Egg Shell

Uses of Egg Shell Egg shell is very useful in its own way, as a matter of fact, many poultry waste can be use somewhere else. We all knew how nutritive an Egg is, The Shell from an egg has its usefulness which we would be talking about in this article for people to know … Read more

Importance of Light in Laying Chicken

Importance of Light in Laying Chicken Light is important in poultry Farming and when we talked about layers or laying chicken, they needed light. What exactly do Laying chicken needed light for? Light must not be too much in poultry house, excess light will cause your chicken to be aggressive and lead to high cannibalism. … Read more

Antibiotics in poultry and it’s harmful effects

Use of antibiotics in poultry and it’s harmful effects: Health management on poultry farms is of chief importance because of the overall economic effect it has on productivity. Even farms stocked with the best breeds that are properly housed and fed on high quality feeds will not grow and produce efficiency under poor health management. … Read more

Everything is not herbal

Everything is not herbal This writeup is definitely going to be a shock for some people, but trust me i believe you have a shock absorber to absorb the shock. Those who always visit thos blog daily have nothing to loose, because they are updated with everything they needed to know and what will benefit … Read more