Management of pregnant grasscutter.

Management of pregnant grasscutter.
After mating, pregnancy is expected. The period of gestation for a grasscutter is about 5 months. Pregnancy can be tested using this simple method. 
It involves the use of cotton bud. After about 5-8 weeks of mating, insert the cotton bud inside the genital (vagi/a) of the female grasscutter. If the cotton bud turns reddish in color, it means the animal is pregnant but if the color if the cotton bud doesn’t change, it means the animal is not pregnant. 
Such animal can be introduced to the male again for servicing.
After about 5 months of pregnancy, the female animal delivers. 
After parturition, the female needs special care and attention. It must be served high quality feed and provision of clean and adequate water to aid milk production. 
After forty days of parturition, weaning generally takes place. 
Weaning is the separation of the mother from its younger ones or offspring, this is necessary because the mother will grow weak as a result of the prolonged feeding of its offsprings.
During weaning, the young males are separated from the females and put together with other males of the same weight. 

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