Piglet Anaemia and how to Correct it

Piglet anaemia and how to correct it

Piglet anaemia and how to correct it

Did you notice your piglet having a pale eye, pale mouth and mucous membrane?
They are infected with anaemia.
It is responsible for the death of young piglets.

What is aneamia?

Anaemia is reduced haemoglobin in the blood. It means a reduction in the red pigment of the blood.
Anaemia occurs due to a lack of trace minerals like iron and copper in the blood.
Iron and Copper are used in the bone marrow to produce blood cells.
It can be corrected by injecting the piglets with  Iron in form of ferofax or Iron dextran.
This is administered 3 days after the piglets are born.

Piglet anaemia and how to correct it


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