Rearing and Reproduction of Grasscutter

 Rearing and Reproduction of Grasscutter
A male and female grasscutter attains their sexual maturity at 5 and 7months respectively.  
A male grasscutter can be paired with 3-5 females.  There are two methods of mating – permanent and controlled mating methods.  
The gestation period is 152 day (5 months), meaning that with good management, the animal can litter twice in a year.  
The average litter size is always 5.  The young ones can be weaned in about 4-6 weeks, after a resting period of about 10 days mother can be paired with the male again.
  They are mature for food in 10-12 months, which raise their body weight to about 5-7kg. 
 They have the possibility of producing 2 times a year with good management and feeding, and they can constantly reproduce 4yrs before selling them out as old layer. 

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