Side Effects of Laying Chicken eaten Maggot

Side Effects of Laying Chicken eaten Maggot

We are all hustling , trying to reduce the cost of feeding, thereby increasing our profit.
Little did we know that there is no shortcut in farming, even if there is a shortcut. It doesn’t work all the time.
There are some animals you can try your shortcut method with and work , but in the case of layers (laying chicken) , your shortcut might be your doom.
Have you tried feeding your laying chicken maggot before? 
May be it was not deliberate..
May be there was no food for your chicken to eat and you thought of maggot for your laying chicken. Well, we have articles on quick susbstitute to poultry in case of emergency or when you dont have any other food to give them, its on this blog just search..
Feeding your laying chicken maggot is a bad behaviour, what makes it bad is that your chicken would accumulate fats.
Fats is not good for laying chicken .
Fat would block the egg passage way, which may lead to death of your chicken.
Fats would lead to decrease in egg production, i dont want to talk much on fats because we already have an article on how to reduce fats in chicken on this blog
Maggot is made up of proteins and its in high concentration, we have nutrient analysis of maggot on this site also.
In other not to loose your investment, please dont give your laying chicken maggot to eat

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