Which is More Profitable between Selling of Live Fish and Selling of Smoke Fish

Which is More Profitable between Selling of Live Fish and Selling of Smoke Fish
This is a big question to answer and I will do Justice to it like never before.
Am a Practical Farmer and a Free thinker, and i try as much as Possible to Help other farmers.
There is no business that is not profitable because if it is there is no profit in it, you would not be seeing people doing it.


Fish Farming has a Segment, and only a few people know about it.
There are those who are into selling Fingerlings alone
There are those who are into sellinG Melange (3 months old) alone
We have those who specialise in selling Table size fish alone
We have those who sell Broodstocks alone
There are those who their Job is to smoke Catfish alone.
We have those who are more interested in buying fish from the Farm, Smoke it and sell it.
We have those who buy live Fish and sell them off at various Junctions.
Now, i want you to know that marketing is the backbone of every business
Where do you think you would fit in? Are you a shy person?
If you are shy, definitely you cant sell smoke Catfish because of your nature.
Let the truth be told, Those who really make money from Catfish are those thieves who raided Farmers at theor farms and go to Junctions to sell it off and those Aboki who raided Farmers and smoke the catfish before selling.
Unless you have been in the game for some time, and you already have customers. Then it would be easier.
You know, to keep fish for 5 months is not easy and at the end of 5 months you begin to look for buyers and you are already exhausted with the cost of feeding, Many Farmers would Just Jump at the offer Price by the thieve Buyer.
And at the End of the day, the thiebe buy would pay Half of the amount you agreed to sell off your Fish, and you have to make a millions call up and down , day by day , months over months, and the remaining half payment is paid kobo by kobo till you cant tell what your gain is.
And they wouldnt make much profit.
So , start small and survey the market before starting.
Where i learnt from, My boss.  He make it easy. Customers come and go every minutes of the day.
Nobody owe him money, it takes a long time to build good customers who doesnt owe you for your sweat.

Smoked fish is more profitable if you have customers available but live fish sell faster because there are lots of customers for it



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