Curry For Broilers, Another Growth Promoter

Curry For Broilers, Another Growth Promoter
If You have been following this Blog, you will notice that we are drawing our attentions to natural things or should i say plants in our environments that we can use to enhance the growth of our broilers.
Today is not going to be an Exceptions as we would be Talking abouy Curry and How we can use it to Enhance the Performance of our Broilers.
Curry is a plant that is use as an appetizer or sweetner, am not much of a cook but i know the taste any time my wife add it to the Food.
Some of us have Curry leaves and tree in our Compound. Its not hard to Find at all.
How does Curry improve Broiler Performance?
Adding 1% of Curry in Broiler Feed enhance their growth.
That means you add 250g of Curry into 25kg of Feed 
Or you use 0.25kg of Curry in Broiler feed.
Curry leave is Natural growth Promoter for broilers without the use of Antibiotics.

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