Fry Management in Catfish

Fry Management in Catfish

Fry or Fries are newly hatched catfish that are yet to grow into fingerlings.


It now depends on management, but to cut the story short. It would take them 2-4 weeks to become fingerlings depending on management.

Management of fries is easy and it is not easy, You need a lot and a lot and a lot of water.

You need to continuously run water for at least 12 hours daily.

Changing of water is often done from night till morning.



Fry Management in Catfish

But it is not mandatory from night till morning.

This is to reduce mortality,

increase oxygen levels,

Increase the amount of fresh water in the pond.

Do not allow the water to flow faster or rush inside the pond,

Do not allow water to flow faster out of the pond.

This is done by regulating the water inflow and outflow of the pond by reducing the pressure, hence the reason for the 12hours of water change.

Too much pressure from water inflow or outflow will kill your fries.

You feed your fries twice daily.

Make sure the hatchery is well covered and no light is reflected in the hatchery.

This is to allow the fries to develop effectively and have a sharp eye to see clearly in the dark.

Stay tuned for more.

Fry Management in Catfish


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