Deworming is one of the major practices in poultry management. It is an act of eradicating worms that hamper the Ultimum growth and agility in birds and livestocks.
But before embarking on this task, every Farmer must first understand the basic signs that your birds/livestocks need to be dewormed.
Below are the ten (10) basic signs:
1. Reduction in the amount of feed intake. Normally it’s expected that the more your birds/livestocks advance in age the higher consumption of feed they need for proper growth. A case where the opposite occurs, it is one sign they need deworming.
2. Emaciation. Flesh dryness is also another sign they need to be dewormed.
3. Drop in production. This is peculiar to laying birds
4. Sleeping excessively. When their sleep becomes too obvious, it’s a sign also that they are over due to be dewormed.
5. Stained Vent
6. protrusion of the keel bone.
7. Vomiting
8. Paleness of the egg yolk and reduction in egg size. Exclusive to laying birds.
9. Pale Comb and Wattle. If the brightness stops coming out, it’s a sign of worm infestation.
10. Stretching of the Neck. When this becomes incessant, it is a sign.
As you notice two or three signs of the above 10 signs listed, you should understand immediately that your birds/
livestocks needs to be dewormed.
Well done Great Farmers…

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