The Cheapest Heat Source during Brooding

The Cheapest Heat Source during Brooding 

I know i have talked about a lot on brooding in this platform. I think it is time i update you on the cheapest form of brooding.
I always make sure that my article are current, practical.
I bought a new Day Old and was hoping to use the normal Lantern as a source of heat but to my surprise, Kerosene is even more expensive than petrol or gas.
I bought Keresene what N2,000. and i cant use it for 2 days, can you Inagine that?
The Money is quiet small but it drird up faster than i thought, i have to use more lanterns and kerosene to generate all the require heat by my day Old.
I must confess, i Switched to Charcoal.
Charcoal is 3000 per bag. All i needed is a small kerosene to start the first fire after which i continue to add charcoal at an interval of 30 minutes.
Charcoal pot, one pot of charcoal can heat up 50 to 100 Chicks.
Just that you need to remove the charcoal and blow it every 30 minutes so that the ashes will be blown out, also blowing off the ashes will make sure that the red charcoal will not turn black.
To regulate the heat from the charcoal, after blowing off the ashes, sprinkle some water on it yo reduce the rate at which the charcoal is burning off and also to reduce the heat.
To regulate the heat, you remove some charcoal from the Pot, kill off the red fire from the charcoal with water then add the wet charcoal back to the charcoal pot.
The wet charcoal will eventually dried up and later catch fire.
Note: Dont kill off all the red charcoal, always make sure the red charcoal in the centre are always intact, you just add the wet charcoal by the sides all around it and it .
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