The Effect of Smoke on Brooding Chicks

The Effect of Smoke on Brooding Chicks

Many people want to brood chicks and many are already into brooding of chicks but they find it hard to regulate the smoke coming from either the charcoal or lantern.
They are so much in a hurry to generate heat for their chicks.
In case you dont understand how it works, it takes time for heat to circulate in your brooding house, that is why you have to be there regularly to check your chicks at any interval of 30 minutes or hourly.
The heat will eventually circulate all your brooding house but i must say, you have to excercise patience .
For those who are always in a hurry to generate or want to circulate the heat in a short period of time. Well, the smoke generated from the heat sources affects your chicks in one way or the other.
Histologically it causes severe congestions of lungs, liver portal triad and central vein.
It causes Hypoxia and early health problem in chicks  .
It also induced extra stress on your chicks.
The smoke can block their nostrils.
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