What to do when your Brooding House is flooded

What to do when your Brooding House is flooded

We are in the rainning season, many Farmers never pray for this season. Simply because they can not handle the loss and death of chicks that come with it.
Well am here to tell you that there is a solution to your problem.
Some of us are unaware that our brooding house is leaking or that it has a leakage while others are aware of the leakage in the brooding house but they just love to dare, telling themselves what could be the worse that could hapen.
In this raining season, you must not be too far from your brooding house and if you are going far, make sure you put a competent repleacement there whilr you are gone.
Lets say the rain started falling and blew off the cover of the brooding house, the cover might not be the roof sheet, the cover could be the nylon covering every corner of the brooding house .
Lets say the rain didnt blew off the cover but the breeze is finding a way to enter. Lets say the rain was dropping and entering the brooding house somewhere. What is the next thing to do?
If you are there in time, in time i mean when you arrives at the scene your beds are not already dead.
Pack all the chicks from tge brooder house and move them to another secured place . Preferably the house you stay for close monitoring.
Look for a way to provide an extreme heat source, provide them heat for the next 24 hours extremely .
Give them good quality food and a good antibiotics. Makr sure the antibiotic is thick in the water trough .
Your beds should be ok the third day  .
Give them multivatamins to stimulate eating.
You are OK.

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