Causes of Catfish fry mortality

Causes of Catfish fry mortality

Causes of mortality in catfish fry is not limited to the following reasons
Bad broodstock: If you really want to go into hatching business, i would advise you to buy table size fish and reared it for few months or a year before using it to hatch egg. Most people selling broodstock are selling bad broodstock, some have already used the fish to hatch and then resold it while others are using a growth 
synthesizer to make the fish bigger. Some broodstock are not up to the age for hatching and yetbit would be sold as broodstock
Poor water system: You need a good watet inflow and outflow to run a good catfish hatchery, if you are deficient in this, then you might have mortality.

Water Ph: Make sure the ph of the water you want to use for hatching is neutral, if the ph is too high or too low, it might lead to death of your fries.

Dirty hatchery: Make sure your hatcherybis neat, make sure you siphon regularly.
Water Pollution: This is caused by what is left of the egg after it has been hatch, they causes water Pollution.
Feed also causes water pollution. So dont over feed your fries.
Too much of egg in a net causes Pollutiom also.

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