Full List of All the Animals in the World (A – Z Names of Animals)

Full List of All the Animals in the World (A – Z Names of Animals)

There are around 8.7 million animal species on the planet today. The number is steadily growing as we travel and explore every nook and cranny of the globe. Approximately 1.3 million of these have been formally recognized and cataloged. Man has yet to uncover the remaining 7.4 million animal species on the planet.

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Animals exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of qualities suitable to its environment. Some live in water, while others live on land, in trees, and underground. They range in size from the tiniest insects to the most powerful beasts. Each animal plays an important function in its ecosystem and is necessary for environmental health.

Biodiversity refers to the diversity of life on the planet. It is also significant because it ensures ecosystem stability. If every animal in an ecosystem is the same, any alteration or disruption could bring the entire system to a halt. However, because there is such a wide variety of species, any one of them can become extinct without causing too much damage to the ecosystem.

Below you’ll discover the complete list of animal names our researchers have discovered so far. With thousands more domesticated and wild animal names planned, we will always update our list whenever we gathered new animals.

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Full List of All the Animals in the World (A – Z Names of Animals)

Indri Scorpion Pademelon
Sea Dragon Field Spaniel Bison
Geoffroys Tamarin Parrot Iguana
Manatee Beetle Australian Shepherd
Shih Tzu Greyhound Asian Elephant
Weasel Emperor Penguin Monte Iberia Eleuth
Human Dolphin Yak
Peacock Possum Prawn
Leaf-Tailed Gecko Indian Star Tortoise Malayan Tiger
Frilled Lizard Masked Palm Civet Squirrel
Horned Frog Red Knee Tarantula Antelope
Albatross Guinea Pig Dhole
Bull Mastiff Golden Oriole Bonobo
American Bulldog Mayfly Cairn Terrier
African Palm Civet Rattlesnake Monitor Lizard
Mongoose Common Buzzard Indian Rhinoceros
Tarsier Orang-utan Stick Insect
Water Buffalo Sand Lizard Crane
Vervet Monkey Western Gorilla Arctic Hare
Norfolk Terrier Booby Appenzeller Dog
Labradoodle Tiffany Gila Monster
Puma Serval Giant Panda Bear
Striped Rocket Frog Mastiff Bearded Dragon
Cheetah African Wild Dog Yorkshire Terrier
Rat Gerbil Old English Sheepdog
Woodpecker Uakari Slow Worm
Liger Kudu Hyena
Toucan German Shepherd Dusky Dolphin
Finnish Spitz Dogo Argentino Moose
Chimpanzee River Turtle Bongo
Barnacle Cockroach Kiwi
Bloodhound Pygmy Hippopotamus Water Dragon
Sea Turtle Alaskan Malamute Pond Skater
Aye Aye Australian Mist Walrus
Proboscis Monkey Duck Flounder
Termite Rock Hyrax Tree Frog
Crocodile Pug Ibis
Grey Mouse Lemur Irish Setter Sea Urchin
Octopus Basset Hound Ladybird
Wildebeest Entlebucher Mountain Dog Silver Dollar
African Penguin Maine Coon Salamander
Raccoon Dog Stellers Sea Cow Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sun Bear Sloth Basking Shark
Saola Royal Penguin Eskimo Dog
Seahorse Wild Boar Meerkat
Purple Emperor Minke Whale Raccoon
Javanese Wallaby Common Toad
Tiger Salamander Nurse Shark German Pinscher
Labrador Retriever Bavarian Mountain Hound Baboon
Kingfisher American Eskimo Dog Numbat
Ferret Fox Border Terrier
Fish Dugong Panther
Crab-Eating Macaque Hammerhead Shark Asian Giant Hornet
Manta Ray Mouse Yellow-Eyed Penguin
Quail Sri Lankan Elephant Vulture
Egyptian Mau Tang Buffalo
Grouse Gibbon Mole
Armadillo Radiated Tortoise Capybara
Kakapo Crab Tuatara
Golden Lion Tamarin Elephant Shrew Russian Blue
Edible Frog Glow Worm Guppy
Bat Boston Terrier Eastern Gorilla
Grey Seal Camel Okapi
Hercules Beetle Monkey Cross River Gorilla
Magellanic Penguin Bulldog Aardvark
Keel Billed Toucan Tawny Owl Howler Monkey
Caiman Lizard Hamster Leopard Cat
Seal Bluetick Coonhound Siberian Tiger
Whippet Somali Deutsche Bracke
Sponge Sparrow Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Cow Long-Eared Owl Coyote
Collared Peccary Puss Moth Humboldt Penguin
Olm Platypus Hedgehog
Skunk Dormouse Great White Shark
Scorpion Fish Earwig Snapping Turtle
Bandicoot American Cocker Spaniel Emperor Tamarin
Blue Lacy Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Fur Seal
Turkish Angora Avocet Siamese
Sheep Horse Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Clouded Leopard American Foxhound Dachshund
Patas Monkey Indochinese Tiger Fly
Tiger Shark Alpine Dachsbracke Red Wolf
Common Loon Opossum Cesky Fousek
Giraffe Wrasse Honey Bee
Black Russian Terrier Grizzly Bear Brazilian Terrier
Chameleon Lionfish Woolly Mammoth
Flat Coat Retriever Butterfly Basenji Dog
Eagle African Clawed Frog Jaguar
Grasshopper Catfish Angelfish
Chihuahua Tapanuli Orang-utan Brown Bear
Chow Chow Emu Ainu Dog
Whale Shark Mongrel Green Bee-Eater
Jackal Spadefoot Toad Galapagos Penguin
Elephant Seal Japanese Chin Akita
Rabbit Komodo Dragon Starfish
Binturong Javan Rhinoceros Bornean Orang-utan
Black Bear Border Collie Fox Terrier
Siberian Husky Lobster Balinese
Abyssinian Jellyfish Lemur
Bengal Tiger Horseshoe Crab Axolotl
Burmese Banded Palm Civet Darwin’s Frog
Dogue De Bordeaux South China Tiger Australian Kelpie Dog
Impala Thorny Devil Leopard Seal
Mandrill Little Penguin Tortoise
Kangaroo Puffin Lemming
Airedale Terrier Moth Barn Owl
Hippopotamus Rottweiler Bombay
Horn Shark Centipede Adelie Penguin
Guinea Fowl Stingray Highland Cattle
Irish WolfHound Zebra Shark Frog
Cat Budgerigar Electric Eel
Leopard Cottontop Tamarin Arctic Fox
English Cocker Spaniel Bolognese Dog Puffer Fish
Squirrel Monkey Anatolian Shepherd Dog Black Rhinoceros
Curly Coated Retriever Marsh Frog Siberian
Zebra Beaver Rhinoceros
Roseate Spoonbill Coati Ant
Australian Terrier Welsh Corgi Blue Whale
Flying Squirrel Fishing Cat Tibetan Mastiff
English Shepherd Maltese X-Ray Tetra
Hummingbird Goose Tapir
Sumatran Rhinoceros Dingo Estrela Mountain Dog
Tiger Sperm Whale Grey Reef Shark
American Water Spaniel Poison Dart Frog Mule
Sumatran Tiger Sea Lion Sea Slug
African Forest Elephant African Civet Zorse
English Springer Spaniel Reindeer Bird
Squid Spider Monkey
Lion Gar Flamingo
Epagneul Pont Audemer Western Lowland Gorilla Gorilla
Magpie Saint Bernard Humpback Whale
Bernese Mountain Dog Gentoo Penguin Akbash
Malayan Civet Molly Boxer Dog
Harrier Bull Shark Glass Lizard
Giant African Land Snail Water Vole Sumatran Orang-utan
Pheasant Dunker Carolina Dog
Collie Clown Fish Frigatebird
Persian African Bush Elephant American Staffordshire Terrier
Woolly Monkey Wasp Barb
Chinchilla Wolf Mountain Lion
Deer African Tree Toad Chicken
Pool Frog Badger Ragdoll
Tetra Leopard Tortoise Chipmunk
Gopher Sea Otter Otter
Dog Swan Tropicbird
Gharial Zonkey Bull Terrier
Donkey Snail Quokka
Borneo Elephant White Tiger Neapolitan Mastiff
Llama Piranha Shrimp
Coral Woodlouse Butterfly Fish
Markhor Gecko Mountain Gorilla
Greenland Dog Koala Beagle
Pelican Havanese Cichlid
Moray Eel Wolverine Fossa
Birman Bedlington Terrier Cuttlefish
Cassowary Chamois Golden Retriever
Fin Whale Crested Penguin Caiman
Asian Palm Civet Rockhopper Penguin Japanese Macaque
Killer Whale Spiny Dogfish Asiatic Black Bear
Pike Siamese Fighting Fish Black Widow Spider
Millipede Bumble Bee Fennec Fox
Lynx River Dolphin Great Dane
Bottle Nosed Dolphin Sea Squirt White Rhinoceros
Indian Palm Squirrel Uguisu Birds Of Paradise
Pied Tamarin Cuscus Norwegian Forest
Stoat Newfoundland Nightingale
Fire-Bellied Toad Galapagos Tortoise Chinook
Tasmanian Devil Umbrellabird Indian Elephant
Quoll American Pit Bull Terrier Pointer
Pig Stag Beetle Giant Schnauzer
Clumber Spaniel Caterpillar Discus
Arctic Wolf Chinstrap Penguin Elephant
Common Frog Hare Oyster
Moorhen Goat Bearded Collie
Pika Hermit Crab Spectacled Bear
Polar Bear Barracuda Vampire Bat
Macaw Poodle Quetzal
Giant Clam Jack Russel Neanderthal
Ibizan Hound Alligator Zebu
Chinese Crested Dog Dodo Ocelot
King Penguin Robin Heron
Bichon Frise West Highland Terrier Bear
Snowshoe Australian Cattle Dog Red Panda
Doberman Pinscher Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sumatran Elephant
King Crab Bullfrog Bobcat
Drever Bactrian Camel Wombat
Echidna Red-handed Tamarin Snowy Owl
Turkey Canaan Dog Anteater
Caracal Penguin French Bulldog
Marine Toad Warthog Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Himalayan Ostrich Desert Tortoise
White-Faced Capuchin Dwarf Crocodile Aldabra Giant Tortoise
American Coonhound Affenpinscher
Dalmatian Cougar Burrowing Frog
Lizard Dragonfly Newt
Snake Macaroni Penguin Afghan Hound
Porcupine Pygmy Marmoset Pink Fairy Armadillo
Insect Boykin Spaniel Pekingese

The above list contains animals that starts with the letter I which has been one of the most difficult animal names to find.

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