Reducing Mortality in Catfish Fries

Reducing mortality in catfish fries


Welcome to NAGRO, In this article, we will be walking you through the causes of mortality in catfish fries and how to reduce mortality in catfish fries, so keep reading.

Causes of Mortality rate in Catfish Fries

1. The major cause of mortality even in catfish fry has been due to cannibalism. It’s not just about the feeding frequency but the feeding quantity should be greatly considered. If the fish is not satisfied enough, they would prey on each other especially smaller and weaker ones.
2. The stocking density is also another factor. Higher stocking density induces a higher mortality rate and vice versa
3. I hope the water quality of total ammonia and nitrite level is ideal. This is another cause of mortality

4. If three weeks old hatchlings of Clarias gariepinus are stocked for further growth then one of the reasons for such mortality may be the presence of copepods which easily devour hatchlings.

How to Reduce Mortality in Catfish Fries

1. So, first of all, be sure whether the water in which the hatchlings are stocked is infected with parasitic copepods (temporary) or not. To confirm take a torchlight and inspect the system at midnight. Focus the light on water at the midnight. If you see copepods aggregating at the focus of light then it may be the reason for the hatchling mortality.

2. Good water quality


3. And healthy feed

4. fingerlings of similar sizes should be stocked into smaller tanks before transferring them to the main grow-out pond.

5. Catfish are carnivorous by nature, which means they feed on flesh. So one should ensure that when stocking fingerlings, they should be sorted weekly and fingerlings of the same size should be stocked together as one.

Reducing mortality in catfish fries


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