Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming

Reducing mortality in catfish fries

Requirement for Starting a Catfish Farming This article would set you up and straight if you want to go into catfish business. Before you go into the catfish business, there are some things that must be put in place, these things are what is needed for the catfish business. Without this requirement, the business might … Read more

Maggot production

Maggot production

Maggot production Have you been looking for this article and you can’t find it?  Want to learn how to produce maggot but don’t know how? Sit tight as I released the secret of maggot production,  you can use it For your fish,  your chicken,  pigs, and other animals. You can harvest it,  cook it,  dry … Read more

Catfish hanging in water

Introduction to Catfish

Catfish hanging in water Wow Another great topic to discuss with farmers,  I know you are eager to know what we would write about. Catfish hanging in water is a problem for some people and it’s not a problem for some people. Hanging of catfish in water might be a new thing, especially for new … Read more

Quick Treatment of Catfish

Quick Treatment of Catfish Well,  this is not an in-depth talk on the treatment of catfish but an intro to the treatment of catfish.     Catfish are animals that don’t often fall sick and that is because they are adaptive in nature. The fews reasons that may cause your catfish not to perform better … Read more